Hand Cast Resin

Sculptured and refined- spanning ancient warriors, to specimens from the sea. Anything and everything to complement your environment, in a multitude of finishes as well. Hand Cast Resin Series comes in the following standard finishes: Patinated Bronze, Antique Bronze, Pewter, Brass, Copper, Oil Rubbed (Dark Bronze). Custom finishes are available on request.

The following knobs are available on Towel Bars, Paper Holders, and Hooks:

CK01, CK02, CO04, CK05, CK07, CK12, CK13, CK15, CK16, CK17, CK18, CK19, CK21, CK22, CK24, CK28, CK30, CK31, CK41, CK43

The following knobs are available both left and right:

CK4, CK14, CK15, CK24, CK46